It seemed fitting on the heels of this week’s Everyday Etiquette, that we focus our Signature Style Series on someone born to entertain… and help you entertain! Roxy Owens of Society Social is just that person. Her colorful flair and innovative way of transforming a regular party to a must-attend event is truly remarkable. Let’s see what she has to say about her own signature style.


EMc: How do you carry your signature style into all aspects of your life be it home decor, entertaining, or fashion? 

RO: At Society Social we often say Decorate to Entertain! I’m always inspired by a good party and creating a place you can share with your favorites. This playful spirit lends itself to easy, fun, and colorful style whether it’s in furniture or fashion or in the parties I host! 

EMc: What is your personal definition of “signature style”? 

RO: When people can look at something completely random and say, “That is so YOU!” You know you’ve made an impression and been true to your tastes! 


EMc: Give us three words to describe you. 

RO: This is always so hard so I’m asking my brother who I’m currently on a job site with. He says, “driven, ambitious, and caring!” 

EMc: What are three of your most prized pieces that you think fully represent your signature style? This could be a piece of furniture, jewelry, art, etc.

 RO: 1) Our Society Social bar cart and tassel-y sofa, or in other words furniture that is playful yet polished! 2) The beautiful Chinoiserie panels “Peony Garden” that hang above our sofa in my favorite colors of blush, lavender, greens and blue. Chinoiserie forever! 3) A vintage rattan raffia clutch adorned with a chic gold clasp that hails from my mother’s collection– it’s like SS in a purse!

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 2.46.28 PM

EMc: What is your best tip to encourage others to find and develop their own signature style? 

RO: Always start with something you love and you can’t go wrong!

You can even spot Society Social inside the Emily McCarthy Shoppe! We are so lucky that Roxy trusted us to be the only Society Social retailer in Savannah! We adore these aqua chairs, the spot cheetah bench, and the fabulous bar cart.

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