Talent Quote by Joel Osteen - Artwork by Emily McCarthy


I cannot begin to tell you how much I truly believe this. I’ve always said that if you are doing what God created you to do, your life will flourish and you will live pure joy. Work isn’t work if you truly love what you’re doing. It’s what you were destined to do in this world. God gave you talents, use them. Build on them. Apply them to your everyday life and the people that surround you. Maybe it’s the ability to care for others, or maybe you find happiness in teaching. If you haven’t found this little gift, take a look at your passions. Are you living your passion every day?

I never worry about business – honest statement.  Do I always want to do better? Of course. But I honestly never work about work coming my way. I truly believe it’s because I found my calling…my purpose. God will always provide and take care of us. I sleep good every night because I live by this. It will give you quite the feeling of peace and contentment. I encourage you do seek the same state of mind.

Have a wonderful weekend and happy reflecting!

Emily McCarthy