Today, I am grateful for life. My life.

I am grateful for my husband’s patience as he humors my ridiculously big ideas and creative thought process. My sporadic artistic side takes over quite frequently and I thank him for ‘going along it’.

I am grateful for my sweet baby boy and that he has brought me endless laughter and a heart full of joy this past year.

I am grateful for the ability to work from home so I can still focus on home life as well as my wonderful business.

I am grateful for my God-given talent to create beautiful things and that I am able to share that with the world.

I am grateful for the long phone conversations with my parents from afar, the impromptu lunches and help from my mother-in-law, the organizational skills of my assistant Meredith and the daily musings of my friends and their humorous group messaging.

But, most importantly, I am grateful for this life that I have chosen to lead and for the ability to live how I want and what’s best for my little family of 3.

Looking forward to giving thanks in a couple of weeks – what are you thankful for?