For our family, it’s not about green beer and beads, it’s about tradition, heritage and making memories. The McCarthy St. Patrick’s Day begins with attending the Irish Heritage Dance, then Walter Crawford’s (this year’s Grand Marshall) party at the Knights of Columbus, followed by Patrick’s attendance to the Fenian Irish Society Breakfast, putting together the family float and walking in the parade with the other Irish families in Savannah. We complete the date with a family lunch and then meeting our friends afterwards! This year will be a little special due to the recent loss of Patrick’s Uncle Mike, but I will remember him well while putting together the huge bows for the float which was always his specialty! Hopefully I will honor him well!
For Thursday…
I have these yummies on order for the parade and lunch:

and be sporting this beauty from BleuBelle – thanks Heather!

Here are a few photos from past parades – such good memories together over the years!
And yes, it’s normal to sport the signature J. Parker green blazer during the month of March in Savannah!
Always great to sit in front of the cathedral where we were married!
The Family Float


Our partners in crime, the Counihans! We attend a lot of the events together!
Love holding hands with my sweet hubby in the parade!