So it’s that time of year and I’m so thankful to be able to spend some quality time reflecting on the holidays this year and selecting the perfect gifts for each person on my list! In past years, my holiday season as been filled with sending email blasts everyday, traveling up and down I16 to Atlanta and working on catalog after catalog. Thank goodness those days are over and although I’m grateful for the experience, I’m kind of glad they are over. I was looking forward to this year so I could finish my list in plenty of time, knock out some baking and trim the tree in style. Just to recap a few things from this month:
Sweet Selections of the Season

and my Nana Lillian’s Shortbread Cookies. Sorry folks, not sharing that recipe or my family would exile me!
Holiday Wrap Selections

Fabulous selections from Paper Source, Publix (yes, I said it!) and Paper Mart for ribbon.
Gift Tags designed me and printed by Twist Paper.

Decking the Halls
Here are a few snapshots of my home this Christmas. We didn’t break out the Dept. 56 Snow Village this year due to space and I don’t want to overwhelm any potential buyers of our home. My hubby’s mom started a collection for each of her three children so we have an entire city full of glowing buildings, miniature storefronts, a bakery, an ice skating pond, church and even a tree house that lights up – I just adore it! Each child received a new addition every year of their life. 
Our main Peppermint-Style Tree
Our Mini-Stylish Red/Aqua Tree
Our mantel and stockings!
Typically, our mantel is lined with an army of colorful nutcrackers, but they are holding down the fort in the attic this year. Can’t wait to break them out next year in our new home! (Hopefully…)
and last but not least, we attended a couple of Tacky Christmas Sweater Parties!
I don’t have any photos of the 2nd party, but here’s a snapshot of some of the girls! I tend to think I filtered Cindy Lou Who from Dr. Suess. My wine glass I designed for Swoozie’s last year completed the ensemble! 
Enjoy and may your family have a wonderful and blessed holiday season and new year!