Last evening was a bustling success at 2428 Abercorn in Savannah! As we hosted our very first installment of the Emily McCarthy Hostess Hour, prosecco was popped and a fabulous time was had by all.

Attendees joined the Emily McCarthy team to see how they could build their own at-home bar. Some of the great takeaways is that you don’t actually need a physical bar to have a great set-up. You can utilize a moveable tray, a bookcase, a coffee table – really, anything goes.


Our most important recommendation is, as usual, infuse your own signature style into it! If you collect vintage bar pieces, you should include some. That way it’s always quintessentially you. Emily’s pick last night was to display limes in a milk glass dish. You could also utilize a large vase filled with corks (always on trend in a bar setting), something to showcase beautiful fresh citrus, a candle, or flowers. There are so many ways to liven up your setting, but keep it simple.

Click here to see the video posted on our Facebook page for full coverage! Make sure you watch the whole presentation because there might be a very interesting surprise at the end. We think you’ll love it 😉

Emily McCarthy