You’ve already chosen your menu, pressed your linens, and decided on the perfect bottle white wine help you dedicate your toast. Thanksgiving is a precious time for us, and we’d love to share some ideas that bring our family closer together. These are impactful, and best of all – cost nothing but the love in your heart.

1.In my family, we create a “Blessings Jar” dedicated to the patriarchs of our family. Each of us will write reasons we feel blessed to have the member of honor in their lives. On Thanksgiving we share the jar with the recipients, and it’s always the highlight of the day. This will surely make your day even more memorable.

2. A way to interact with each guest at your holiday table is to place everyone’s name in a jar and pass it around. Each person will choose a name and then share a reason or two why they are thankful for the person whose name they’ve chosen. It’s an easy activity and will be special for everyone on your guest list.

3. We typically always have some extra ingredients that we over-bought to prepare the big meal. This year, think about taking those extras and creating one more dish than you need. Then, take this dish to a local business whose employee’s are working instead of at home, drop it off at a hospital, or a local homeless shelter. This small act of kindness will be immeasurable in the eyes of the recipients. To be able to share your blessings is truly one of the grandest ways to give thanks.

Being thankful never goes out of style. Stay classic.

Emily McCarthy