MotherTeresa Quote by Emily McCarthy, Photo by Sarah Buck Photography

I’m currently reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin – although I’m only in the first part of the book. it got me thinking about happiness in general. I know that I am a happy person…but do I always come across as happy? I think the daily grind can get the best of everyone – including me. But why does it? Why can’t we smile as we empty the dishwasher? or take out the trash? Is it because we hate doing those tasks? Really, they aren’t so bad I guess. Maybe I’ll try smiling next time I’m feeling grumpy about the daily nuisances of life – maybe it will make it more ‘fun’ – what do you think? Then I started thinking about exuding happiness – wonder how much a difference is makes when I smile at a complete stranger in passing? I know if someone smiles at me and compliments my outfit, for example, it sure does add some pep in my step – brightens my day. I’ve tried doing this at least once a day – complimenting a complete stranger. It could be a lady’s haircut, a gentlemen’s tie – today it was the nanny at the pool. I kept noticing how sweet she was talking to the kids she was watching. It was so endearing and I went up to her and complimented her on it. She seemed so surprised that anyone had noticed – it seemed so natural to her though. She wasn’t trying to be nice – she really was happy and loving to the children. She seemed like a really happy person – and she exuded that! I challenge everyone to share happiness at least once a day. You never know the effect it can have one someone. Send them a note, give them a call, pay for their lunch – the smallest task can truly change someone’s day. In the meantime, enjoy this quote from Mother Teresa. Photo by Sarah Buck Photography.