From floor to ceiling, we’ve put our special touches on every inch of the ever-so-dreamt-about Emily McCarthy flagship store! Can you believe our grand opening is just over a week away? It seems like it’s so near where there were several moments where it felt so far.


Our hope for our clientele is simple. We hope that you can walk into the bright, colorful room and see the love that was put into deciding every single detail. There was no notecard, no pattern, no piece of jewelry that wasn’t hand selected, specially designed, or masterfully crafted. It was made for you, the customer. Simply put, we couldn’t have done any of this without you – and we couldn’t have our business with you.


There are hundreds of thank yous we owe, countless hands and bodies who have helped hang wallpaper and install flooring – the list goes on and on. Our grand opening party isn’t just about the launch of fabulous one-of-a-kind products and the introduction of our The Registry Programme – it’s a party for everyone who has been here cheering us on the whole way.

From the bottom of our hearts, every member of the Emily McCarthy Studio team is filled with gratitude for you. Now, let’s cheers to the fun times to come!

Bottoms up!

Emily McCarthy