Joy and Grand Opening (8 of 13)TEXT


It’s the big reveal. The final piece of the puzzle that was missing from all of the excitement surrounding the opening of our flagship store. How will we, as a team, be able to spread the endless amounts of love we are given? How can we take our blessings and extend them to others? These questions helped us form Invite Joy. Our initiative to bring awareness to small, random acts of kindness that each of our shoppe customers an be reminded of.

That’s why we’re elated to tell you about Invite Joy.

To invite, very simply, can be defined as “to call forth or give occasion for.” How perfect. Part of our goal here at the new shoppe is to Invite Joy into lives near and far. The best hostesses hold the most important invitations of all, and that’s how we see our role here in the community. With our Invite Joy initiative, we pledge to give a percentage of our proceeds to a selected charity each year, and share happiness as we go through our daily routines.

With every purchase, we’ll remind you to invite joy into your life and someone else’s in small, yet impactful ways. Be it writing a letter of thanks to someone who helped you, or a random act of kindness toward a stranger. Joy can bring inspiration in times of need, and fill hearts when they can seem vacant. Let’s Invite Joy together!

This year, we will be supporting The Next Generation benefitting the Children’s Hospital at Memorial University Medical Center. For more information, click here!