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I was so excited to work on this wedding invitation with Savannah wedding planner, Tricia Huddas! The couple wanted a sense of royalty for their invitations, so we combined the crown and vintage monogram with their initials. I think they turned out fabulously! Printed on cream 100% cotton Crane paper in Gold Letterpress.

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  1. Amy says


    July 21, 2010
Categories: letterpress, wedding invitations
How sweet is this! Some friends of ours were married not too long ago and the new wife approached me about designing a logo to represent their marriage and new-found life together. She wanted a timeless logo that she could use on linens, stationery, invitations, gift tags, anything and everything! Because she’s an interior designer and he works for his family’s marine company, this artwork just seemed fitting! After completing the logo artwork for Kathryn, Jim, her sweet hubby, secretly commissioned me to product an entire wardrobe of stationery as a surprise for her birthday! We printed 250 of each piece – enough to last a lifetime! Of course, for his new bride – only the best was allowed – navy letterpress Crane paper! We did flat correspondence cards with matching envelopes, foldover notes with matching envelopes, stationery writing sheets, large notepads, small notepads and gift tags. What a lucky lady!


  1. sarah, flourish design + style says

    That is one lucky girl – it's gorgeous + timeless. xoxo

    April 15, 2010
  2. Ashley says

    I absolutely love this idea. I might have to drop not-so-subtle hints to the husband…

    April 16, 2010
Categories: letterpress, stationery