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After such a celebration of fun and excitement like St. Patrick’s Day, it’s important to remember that everything we do must be echoed with our ability to give back and support one another, and those less fortunate. This year, we have dedicated our InviteJOY campaign to The Leukemia Lymphoma Society. This means a portion of our 2017 sales will be given directly to our local LLS chapter to help fight for a cure for blood cancer!


This is where Ashley comes in. You may recognize her as she is our Head Hostess of Creative and a very talented calligrapher and artist. Not only is Ashley an artistic visionary bringing life to her vital role here at the Emily McCarthy studio and shoppe, but she is also a true pillar in the Savannah community. She was selected as a 2017 Candidate for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society Man and Woman of the Year!

In an effort to help Ashley reach her goal of $50,000, we are asking all of you to help one of our very own. We are pressing forward every day for a cure for blood cancer. Many of us have experienced, or know someone who has experienced, a loss or witnessed a battle of someone with cancer. This doesn’t have to be the future of our world, with our support – we can end this. 

We would love for you to help support Ashley as she becomes the face of awareness. The more you shop, the more we give! However, don’t forget to also donate here: 

It is with great pride that we can call Ashley a member of our team. With your donation, she can show those suffering from Leukemia or Lymphoma that the Emily McCarthy woman is a woman who is both stylish and bountiful. Always counting her blessings and inviting joy to everyone near and far.


Emily McCarthy

Photo by: @kelliboydphotography

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InviteJOYGraphicAs you know, we created a brand new initiative when we opened the brick and mortar shoppe on Abercorn Street in beautiful Savannah. Emily’s vision right away was to give back in any way we could, and to inspire others at all times. The idea behind Invite Joy was to keep people driven to do good and pay it forward to everyone they meet. How we did that at the shoppe was by allowing a portion of our sales to go toward a charity of our choosing.

Joy and Grand Opening (8 of 13)TEXT

We are so proud to announce the completion of our first year with the portion of proceeds from our Shoppe being awarded to The Next Generation – an organization benefitting our local children’s hospital here in Savannah.

For the new year of 2017, we announce that we will be donating to the local chapter of the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – Savannah, GA ! Our very own Ashley Curry will be a candidate in the Man and Woman of the Year campaign starting very soon! (Also, say hi to another NG Board Member Kara who is also running and Patrick McCarthy is the co-chair of the campaign!) #thenextgeneration#memorialhospital 

Get excited for another year where we can spread love, give kindness always, and INVITE JOY everywhere we go!

Emily McCarthy

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