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When creating a brand, it’s not about us. We are true to your history and your story. As a couple, you need to create something meaningful to who are you now, but also rooted in tradition. This is how Emily is able to create beautiful home branding through custom monograms! See what she has to say about creating something completely one-of-a-kind for our clients.

Emily McCarthy

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It’s been a while since I have done a personal post on the blog. My blog started about 10 years ago after I married my college sweetheart. I wanted a way to document our newlywed life and dabble a bit in showing my design work. Little did I know that people would actually start reading this blog of mine and that it would grow into a prospering business! Boy, do I feel blessed beyond belief. As the business grew, my time to dedicate to the blog grew smaller and smaller. Then along came Master Rhett! Life entered in a new level of fun and adventure, but the blog was definitely not at the top of the list any longer. Then came along Miss Lillian! Needless to say, it’s all I can do to keep my head above water nurturing a family, household, marriage, thriving business and a growing team. The blog? Well, it has become the project I think about daily, but no time to act on it. And that’s okay. My priorities are definitely in the right place but it doesn’t change the fact that I want to share my thoughts and creativeness to the world. I thrive on helping others, challenging us to spread joy and dedicating my life to creating beautiful things, inside and out. I know I was given the gift of creativity for a reason. And that reason is to inspire fellowship among others. I was having a conversation with my dad about the gifts I have been given. I struggled in determining how I was really using these gifts in the glory of God. I did know one thing, opening the Shoppe was something I was led to do. I prayed about this decision for a long time and seeked guidance from my husband, a few very close friends and my parents. Not friends that would tell me what I wanted to hear, but one in particular that would challenge me to find purpose in this decision. I was inviting a heavier workload with a new baby and I needed confirmation that this would pay off in the long run. Would it be hard now? Sure! Has it been hard? Sure! Do I regret it? Not one bit. This past year as confirmed that we made the right decision. Back to the conversation with my dad, he enlightened me with an angle that I had not occurred to me. He said, “Emily, you have a gift that encourages fellowship and joy.” Wow. This really hit home. This was exactly what I needed to hear. He went on to explain that the products we design, the invitations we create, the homes we help fill, those are all ways to encourage people to spend time together, creating joy in every day occasions. Big or small, every moment counts. Every moment deserves celebration. Celebration with JOY. Opening the Shoppe has allowed us to spread joy to every single person that walks in the door. Not only do we help them select the perfect gift to bring joy to someone’s day, but we help them find ways to celebrate life’s most important moments. There has been nothing more rewarding in my career than walking into the doors of the shoppe and looking at all of the possibilities we have ahead of us. The Shoppe is my pride and joy as a business woman, the pinnacle of my career to date. It holds all of my favorite things, that have also become the favorite things of all of our clients. It’s really hard to put into words the fulfillment this brings to my heart. In the long run, I pray this Shoppe becomes a well-oiled machine and allows me the chance to take the time I need for my family. In talking with a few mothers who owned businesses, they all had the same advice. They said, if you’re going to open a Shoppe one day (which was always my dream), then do it now. As crazy as it seems, it’s actually going to be easier to do it now, versus down the road when your children are in school. This was the opposite of what I thought. They said, you are actually needed by your kids more as they get older than right now. And you know what, they were right. By doing this now and getting the Shoppe and my team off the ground, I will be able to take the time I need to attend class events, after school activities, sports, etc when it’s time. Right now, my children are the happiest kids I know and are perfectly content spending time with their grandparents and their little schools. Patrick and I work so hard to provide for our family, it is something we have chosen to do intentionally and to show our children that anything is possible when you have the drive and encouragement to do so.

So this past year has been a whirlwind to say the least. We embarked on this huge business decision, grew our team from 2 to 9, and managed to still grow the business exponentially from years past. On the personal side, Patrick and I have grown as a couple to find more time for each other and spend valuable quality time with our children. This year, we made a promise to live more intentionally. To plan more trips, to make the most of our weekends as a family, to have more date nights and to grow in our relationship with God.

So where do we go from here?

From here, I am making a promise to contribute more to the blog this year. I truly need this for my heart. I need to share in this journey of life, just in case that you need a word of encouragement in your personal life or business – I want you to find it here. I also want to use this platform as a way to show you my convictions and what we stand for as a family. I’ve struggled over the past couple of weeks because I felt that I had this opportunity to share my beliefs to such a large amount of people, but I felt restricted to do so because of the ramifications of this instagram post. In what world can we not encourage love and joy without getting so many rebuttals? This truly bothered me and left me feeling very discouraged. I seeked guidance from a very close friend (who I refer to as my spiritual go-to pal!) and she asked me to pray for guidance on finding the right way to spread my message of love and pro-life. This journey is still in the works, but it is definitely weighing really heavily on my heart. So much so, that I know this stand is a part of me and will never change. And I don’t write this to receive any negative or combative comments. I’m not looking for a fight other than fighting for the rights of unborn children. Becoming a mother only strengthened this belief inside of me. Nothing anyone says can ever change my opinion. And the difference is that I fully respect that others have a different opinion than I do. And that’s okay. I don’t expect or demand that the entire world feels the exact same way that I do. We all come from different walks of life, all leading us to make different decisions and have opposing stands. That’s also okay and what makes us human. We can’t all lead different walks of life and expect the same results. I respect that others don’t agree with me and I think that has been what has bothered me most about the last few months. We have truly lost respect for one another. We need to respect our differences. We need to love each other no matter your beliefs or convictions. We are called to love unconditionally. Hate is the absence of love. Give more love. You can never love enough. Love the stranger next to you, love the friend that has completely attacked you for your beliefs. Because in the end, they just need love. We all need a little more of it in my opinion.

So how do you plan to love more this year?

How do you plan to challenge yourself this year?

How do you plan to live with more joy?

Ask yourself these questions and let me know what you decide, comment and tell the rest of us!

If you can’t pinpoint how to find your answers, let me know, I would truly love to help you.

Live joyfully,

Emily McCarthy

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Next up in our signature style series is Rachel Shingleton from Pencil Shavings Studio. Rachel is on a mission to “Banish the Beige” but installing pops of color into everything around her. We’ve fallen in love with her devotion to the bold. Here’s what Rachel has to say about her signature style.


EMc: Why do these photos show your signature style? What aspects really tell us who you are?
RS: My style is probably best describe my style as dressy casual. I want my things to get a lot of love and wear. So I might buy a pair of sequinned flats, but I’m going to wear them with everything from a cocktail dress to a pair of jeans and a tshirt. I don’t believe in saving things only for special occasions. I’m madly in love with color, pattern, and the way they interact with white (which is my neutral of choice) and I’m really interested in mixing and matching high and low items, both in interiors and in fashion.

EMc: How do you carry your signature style into all aspects of your life be it home decor, entertaining, or fashion?
RS: Color is a huge element of my signature style. In fashion, I like a pop of yellow (ha – could you tell from the inspiration pics?) be it in jewelry, a great bag, or shoes. And at home I’m having a major white moment – white paint is super inspiring to me right now, again, with pops of color through pillows, artwork, etc.

My goal at home is to create comfortable places for my kids to grow up in without sacrificing our own grown up sense of style. I think our interiors reflect that, along with a good dose of not taking ourselves too seriously. I want something that’s not too formal, but with a big dose of personality. I buy nice shoes, but I wear them hard. And likewise, I want to use my fine china for every day use because life’s too short not to use our nice things, you know? I’ve yet to do this often, if I’m being honest – but it drives me nuts to see it sitting in the cabinet without be loved daily.



EMc: What is your personal definition of “signature style”?
RS: Personal style to me is what makes me feel best at home with myself, be it through the clothes I wear or the things I surround myself with. It’s my own personality expressed visually.

EMc: Give us three words to describe you. Why did you choose these three words?
RS: Colorful, happy, fun: I’m naturally cheerful, and I get a lot of joy out of color, connecting with others, and doing fun things. I hope my kids remember me as this one day.



EMc: What are three of your most prized pieces that you think fully represent your signature style? This could be a piece of furniture, jewelry, art, etc.
RS: 1) Blue Prada handbag (a fab structured bag but in a great color that adds a little polish to basic outfits) 2) Green velvet tuxedo sofa that was from my Dad’s office. It’s currently needing a reupholstery job but I have big plans for it one day. The style is spot-on and transcends all trends. I adore that sofa. 3) My Suzy Landa delicate stacking diamond rings that my husband gave to me for our 10th anniversary. They’re so pretty and unusual, and the meaning behind them is everything to me. He’s a pretty amazing guy, my husband!
EMc: What is your best tip to encourage others to find and develop their own signature style?
RS: What do you gravitate to over and over again? There’s a reason you keep going back to it. Also look to things from your past with meaning associated to it. It’s hard for me to only pick three prized pieces; our home is filled with little things from my childhood or from my beloved grandmother’s home that were passed down to me. All these little layers and elements add up to signature style. At the end of the day, signature style is me feeling like my best self. So what is it about you that helps you feel your best?
If you adored the endless color provided to you by Rachel Shingleton, visit her online anytime!
Instagram: @pencilshavings
Pinterest: @psstudio
Emily McCarthy

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Halloween Style


Being festive isn’t just a pleasure, it’s a necessity around here. This year, there’s no question that you’ll be the most stylish witch on the block. When planning a bash of any kind, choose our Personalized Fill-In Invitation from the shoppe to set the tone. For libations, we think there is no better pair than our Spot Cheetah cocktail napkins in “Luxe Onyx” mixed with the Cheers version in orange for an All Hallow’s Eve Soiree.
Emily McCarthy

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In a creative industry full of inspiration and trend-guided designs, I most strongly believe in originality. When it comes to your Signature Style, interiors, design and fashion, find your niche and what really makes your heart sing. I challenge you to purposely do what isn’t the trend, what isn’t what everyone else is doing. You’ll find that you feel much more authentic this way. Be a trend setter – not a trend follower. And in the words of Diana Vreeland, here’s your weekly inspiration!

Style Quote Originality

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Quote by Sarah Jessica Parker |

Just a quick mid-week inspiration! In Style just featured the always-gorgeous Sarah Jessica Parker and highlighted this quote – I just love it!


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  1. TIffany Jones says

    I completely agree! And I will wear high heels to the end! xx

    January 9, 2014
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A little inspiration for your Monday morning! This is a favorite of mine – refer to an old blog post here.


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I'd rather be hectic with you than perfect with anyone else. - Larcie Richardson

I think there is an assumption that marriages are perfect…on paper. And maybe they can be for some – the perfect jobs, house, pets, children, cars – the list goes on. But what makes our marriage so wonderful and perfect for us is this hectic thing we call life. For us, hectic IS perfect – because that means we are living our life and living it together. Would we want a romantic date night once a week? Sure! Does it happen? No, but what we do love is our nightly routine with our little man and our quiet dinner catching up on tv. Yep, there it is – our romantic evening! But for us, it’s so perfect – it’s what we bond over and share as common loves. To sit and share our day, toss back a glass of wine and relax in our twin recliners (oh yeah!) – that is the perfect evening. We do love our random date nights though and, to be honest, we need one soon! Life happens and we’re constantly in this rat race to conquer the world, pay the bills, be parents, be spouses and it’s hard sometimes! But in the end, it’s this hectic-ness that brings us together and makes us a good team. One of my very best friends texted me this today as we are reminded how to stay focused on our lives and marriages. This statement hit me like a ton of bricks – it’s SO true. Life has been so busy lately and I’m constantly feeling the spousal guilt of not making enough time for each other. Then my friend Larcie sent me this and I realized, this IS our time together – hectic or calm, it’s our life and I’m SO in love with it. Larcie joked that this could be the next print in The Shoppe – we just might make this happen! xo

Emily McCarthy

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  1. Emily says

    Yay! Thank you for this! This describes our perfect too–especially the glass of wine catching up on tv after the little one’s in bed!

    October 17, 2013
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Emily McCarthy Signature Prints - Enter CHEERS10 at checkout to save 10% the entire Shoppe.

I don’t know about YOU, but I’m a print lover! I just adore little snippets of inspiration throughout our home and office. This is one of my favorites – printed in white foil letterpress on a gold shimmer paper – it’s a great neutral to fit into any decor or color scheme. Or add to a nursery for a pop of sparkle!  I think all of our beautiful prints make the perfect gifts for the holidays – we are celebrating our favorite prints with 10% off in the Emily McCarthy Shoppe – Enter CHEERS10 at Checkout! Enjoy! Shop the Shoppe here.

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Talent Quote by Joel Osteen - Artwork by Emily McCarthy


I cannot begin to tell you how much I truly believe this. I’ve always said that if you are doing what God created you to do, your life will flourish and you will live pure joy. Work isn’t work if you truly love what you’re doing. It’s what you were destined to do in this world. God gave you talents, use them. Build on them. Apply them to your everyday life and the people that surround you. Maybe it’s the ability to care for others, or maybe you find happiness in teaching. If you haven’t found this little gift, take a look at your passions. Are you living your passion every day?

I never worry about business – honest statement.  Do I always want to do better? Of course. But I honestly never work about work coming my way. I truly believe it’s because I found my calling…my purpose. God will always provide and take care of us. I sleep good every night because I live by this. It will give you quite the feeling of peace and contentment. I encourage you do seek the same state of mind.

Have a wonderful weekend and happy reflecting!

Emily McCarthy

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