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Red, white, and blue – the most stunning colors for any patriotic guy or gal! With Independence Day coming up so soon, we wanted to share some fun 4th of July party recipes for some fun drinks.


Over at The Butter Half blog, they have a phenomenal idea that the whole family can enjoy. A red, white, and blue ice cream float… or, as they call it, a freedom float! We like the idea of something that even the littlest party goer can enjoy. However, you know us, we don’t mind making a little boozy ice cream float either.


Fresh berries make it a welcomed summer treat with that pop of freshness! Ice cream makes it impossible to say “no” to for anyone with a sweet tooth.


For list of ingredients and full recipe, make sure you head over to The Butter Half and see what they have to share! There are tons of recipes and great family friendly ideas. The picture looks good enough eat already – so we know once you make them, everyone will be screaming for ice cream and freedom floats ūüėČ

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 10.17.20 AMOther serving suggestions would be to use our brand new exclusive design on this fabulous melamine platter to serve! Click here to see more details.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 10.19.07 AM

Also be sure to peep at our brand new royal blue “Cheers” stadium cups by clicking here!¬†

Emily McCarthy

Find all of our¬†4th of July goodies by clicking here, you’ll love the patriotic flare.¬†


(Float photos and recipe all courtesy of The Butter Half)

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Today we take a look back on the blog and highlight one of our most fun parties that we get to host every year! In Georgia, the Masters isn’t just a tournament – it’s a yearly event for everyone to look forward to. We love this fete that we created with the help of Oliver Pluff and Company, Callies Biscuits, Tito’s Vodka, and O and O Hooch!

Masters (4 of 56)

This year, Augusta National Golf Club may be the 2nd most coveted spot to watch the Masters Tournament if you do your party just right. You know what that means, right? Pimento cheese, great golf, and a little hooch. Your party can be all that (and a bag of $1 Masters Chips) with the proper set-up.

Masters (42 of 56)

Masters (1 of 56)

First thing’s first: the quality of your pimento cheese will be a hot topic. We knew right away there wasn’t much question of where we’d find ours. Callie’s¬†Biscuits of Charleston makes a pimento cheese that almost seems too elevated for plain bread… but tradition is tradition, and the marriage sticks! You can create variety with their 2-pack,¬†click here to purchase online, as they offer traditional and spicy versions of the great southern classic.

We love the idea of your food array staying true to the Augusta National variety. You can whip up your own egg salad sandwiches, a quick bar-b-que, and find your favorite chips to serve alongside. It’s simple and rooted in golf legend. Just make sure you don’t even dare to skip the peach ice cream sandwiches for dessert!

Masters (29 of 56)

Refreshments may be the most sought after party favor, so these cannot be overlooked. What¬†says “Georgia classic” more¬†than iced tea and¬†an ode to citrus? Add some spirits, and now we’re talking. Straight from the tables of Augusta National, we commissioned¬†O and O Hooch’s Fizzy Limeade mixer¬†for the most effervescent and thirst quenching drinks in town. Finding the limeade was easy because O and O Hooch has created a one of a kind mixture that will only rival the host in bubbliness! Iced tea, however, proves to be a more difficult crowd to impress. ¬†We didn’t have to look far, though,¬†Oliver Pluff¬†found US. (Serendipitous, no?)

Another gem based in Charleston, SC Рthese Oliver Pluff cold brew teas bring flavor infusion to the next level and your guests will be writing home about it. The apricot and jasmine flavors are a perfect compliment to the peace ice cream and the bold pimento cheese. Masters (21 of 56)

Remember, it isn’t golf without Arnold Palmer! Once you’ve concocted¬†your vodka and fizzy limeades, enjoyed your sweet or unsweet tea… don’t forget to mix the two together. This may not be the current trend at Augusta National, but sometimes new customs tend to be the best future treasures.

Masters (45 of 56)

Masters (30 of 56)

Whoever ends up with the green jacket, you’ll have the trophy for best tribute to this years Masters Tournament!

Share your photos with us, let us see how you entertain.

Emily McCarthy


Photos by Kelli Boyd.

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Just two more days to put the cherry on top of your St. Patty’s Sundae! Hurry hurry and don’t wait, our fabulous a la carte items are flying out the door. We cannot allow you to have anything less than the perfect celebration!

FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender

Some of our most fabulous items are only available in person in the shoppe. So, what time will you be stopping by?


Emily McCarthy

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Just three more days! We are celebrating today by taking a gander at three different looks that you can wear this St. Patrick’s Day to keep signature style at the forefront, but make sure that you’re sporting enough green not to get pinched! Click the description under each photo to shop the look.

Note for the fellas out there, it certainly counts (on this holiday) to accessorize with a cup.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 10.41.46 AM

Our fabulous Colette Poncho $40 // Celtic Trellis Scarf $50 – $65 // Paired with a Juliette Bamboo Bag $136

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 10.42.13 AM

Heather is all about the accessories!

Bamboo Enamel Bangle $25 // Enamel Twist Earrings $25 // Shamrock Printed Scarf $50 Р$65

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 10.44.46 AM

Don’t Emily and Patrick look great with their festive drinkware?

Sl√°inte Green Frosted Cups – Set of 10 for $12 //¬†¬†“Eat, Drink, & Be Irish” Foam Cups – Set of 10 for $14

Emily McCarthy

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The only group dates we believe in going on are the ones with your best girlfriends to celebrate your happiest moments. What could be more fun than elevating your bachelorette party with our new celebration ready collection of frosted cups, napkins, and gift tags!


She Said Yes! Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 9.38.30 AM

(She Said Yes! Cocktail Napkins // Set of 20 for $12)

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 9.40.00 AM Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 9.40.33 AM

(Cheers Engagement Ring Napkins // Set of 20 for $12)

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 9.42.34 AM

(Pop the Bubbly! Frosted Cups // Set of 10 for $14)

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 9.43.53 AM

(Cheers Engagement Ring Frosted Cups // Set of 10 for $14)

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 9.49.25 AM

(Bride Trinket Box // $22)

From bachelorette to maid of honor, it would be an honor to have these fabulous things kick off your most fun moments as you lead up to the wedding day. Creating memories is in the small details, don’t you think? Let the bride to be know that she’s worth her weight in gold… gold-foil, of course.


Emily McCarthy

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Every holiday is a reason to celebrate, and when you live in Savannah – St. Patrick’s Day is more than just any holiday. It’s a way to keep traditions driving us forward year after year. Every memory gets sweeter and every tradition becomes more true with each passing March 17th.

This year we introduced a brand new line of personalized St. Patrick’s Day items for the shoppe, and for your home! In order to be the greenest and most festive on any Isle, the final day to order personalized St. Patrick’s Day items is tomorrow! February 18th is the date that you can make your final decisions of everything you need to be the best hostess this side of the Atlantic.


Emily McCarthy

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Coming up right here in The Shoppe on Abercorn this week, we are bringing back our hostess hour after a brief holiday hiatus! One of the most fun nights of every month, it’s high time we talk about people we adore – our guests. Being a hostess isn’t just fun, it’s an honor to spend time with those who mean something to you in your own home.¬†When we create a guest room, the purpose is to make sure your visitors know that this area is theirs and they can escape to it at any time they please, and they’ll certainly want to when it’s fit for a king and queen!

Join us this Thursday at 5:00pm to learn how Emily does it. Hint: you’ll love it, and you’ll want to go right home and fancy up your guest room. Now then, we’ll see you soon.

Emily McCarthy

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    I just found your blog and store!! Amazing!!!!!!

    May 8, 2017
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It’s 2017, and we couldn’t possibly think this year was any more gorgeous. How could it not be? Last year was our biggest and best year ever here at The Shoppe. The Emily McCarthy brand reached new heights and expanded to new countries. Our team grew from just three, to eight! It’s impossible to put into words how incredible it feels to know that we have another year in store, that can be just as big… if not bigger.

What has stayed the same, however, is our commitment to creating content and irreverent design. There will never be a pattern or item that you can get at our shoppe that hasn’t been carefully curated and born just for you and yours. We want your home to feel branded, your life to feel elegant, and your world to be enhanced because we are in it. We live in a world of sparkle and possibility.


We look back at 2016 and see COLOR! Vibrant color in every way. From our beautiful collaboration with Style Me Pretty Living and our favorite boozy ice cream social, especially. (We still cannot get enough of the flavored Cathead vodkas when making signature cocktails.) The addition of our Kate Spade pieces set this apart as one of our favorite, and tastiest, shoots to date. You definitely want to re-visit the post and have as much fun as we did! Click, click!


With our beautiful space, we decided we needed to have our best girls over as often as possible. So, we started a hostess hour to share our best tips and tricks. From personal style to decor to how to create the perfect bar cart – we can’t wait to bring you even more fabulous ideas. (Re-live the fun of our very first Hostess Hour by a click here! Emily hosted a “Build-a-Bar” workshoppe.)


Paige Minear made a guest appearance to show off her signature style for August’s Hostess hour. She is fashionable, bold, self aware, and fearless. a perfect example of who we cater to here. Full recap by clicking here.


With the shoppe always aiming to please our busy clientele, we introduced our curbside service. Though we promise there is always plenty of parking, we can easily run your orders out to you when in a rush. Perfect for when you have to rush to a bridal shower, or back home to host your own fete! We won’t let you down. Click here to learn even more about our curbside service.



Savannah Weddings magazine was the perfect place for us to unveil a brand new pattern Рour capri tile. Not only did we have a ball creating this gorgeous Bridesmaid luncheon, we were honored to be featured. Capri tile can be purchased to bring a touch of opulence to any room in your home. From pillows, to trays, to tea towels Рwe love to see a home outfitted and elevated in this pattern. To see all the gorgeous details of this shoot, read the full post here. 



Woven Font | Emily McCarthy

Life is better with your friends, so we teamed up with Moon & Lola to create a brand new set of products for you. This collaboration went hand in hand with the introduction of the newest font that Emily created РWoven. We were able to display this beautiful font on bracelets, key chains, necklaces, cake toppers, and even Christmas tree ornaments just to name a few. Classic with a modern flare Рour favorite way to innovate! Click here to re-live the fun in our post! 


We upped the ante with custom decks of playing cards. We also upped your gift giving game with this one. Click right here to learn more about our custom card decks!


Emily had some fun in Charleston with her favorite blogging girls at The Southern C conference. The Southern C has been such a valued part of our brand and culture here. Click here to see their website and revel in their content.

Joy and Grand Opening (8 of 13)TEXT

We made it our specific business to help you Invite Joy¬†into your life and the lives of others. With every purchase we remind you to put joy at the top of your list – for yourself, and everyone you meet. A portion of all proceeds from our shoppe goes right back to the community to a different charity that we choose yearly. For our inaugural year, we chose The Next Generation at the Children’s Hospital. Visit our “Invite Joy” page to read more!


Emily was able to join Engage 2016 at Sea Island. The wedding industry is a passion of hers, and it’s a passion here at the Shoppe. How can we make your wedding day more elegant and special than you ever dreamed? How can we elevate your personal style to be laced into each and every detail right down to the invitations? We are constantly learning so continue being the best of the best when it comes to weddings.

fallpatternsFall gave us another chance to unveil fresh new patterns hand designed by Emily! We are absolutely in love with the colors that we got to surround ourselves with all fall.


And look here, a dream come true for Emily! We introduced the Holiday Paper Shoppe. Now anyone can inject their holiday cards with a higher level of elegance than ever before. Emily spent countless hours designing and perfecting these customizable holiday cards for you to send to all of your loved ones. High quality paper and gorgeous layouts mean that your cards are easily the most fun and chic to give and receive any holiday season! We hope you’re already excited for your 2017 holiday cards.

The gang was all present to cut the ribbon and clink glasses!

Perhaps the most special moment of all – we opened our brick and mortar store. The emerald green doors weren’t just the way to enter into the shoppe – they were a beacon of light showing us what hard work can achieve. There is no dream too big. That, we believe whole heartedly. Cheers to 2017.

What would you like to see from the Emily McCarthy Shoppe in 2017? Let us know!

Emily McCarthy

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Multi spot cheetah lucite tray (click) // OCIE New York Ring (in shoppe)

Let it be known far and wide that you are never too old for ice cream! We will declare it a fact, at that. One of the fun parts about getting older is being able to enjoy a cocktail, don’t you agree? Well, two of the most wonderful things have come together in our latest collaboration! A boozy ice cream social. Cheers, indeed!


Flavored vodkas can be a lot of fun, if you know what we mean! They can take a cocktail and turn it into a dessert. The best of both (naughty indulgence) worlds, right?


(Blackberry Patch Strawberry Syrup *Available at Publix + Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka + Chocolate Espresso Cookies from Grey Ghost Bakery)

Cathead vodka, from the first legal distillery in Mississippi, is Southern charm to the core. Three flavors to choose from, each carefully crafted and completely legendary. We decided to see what we could do with each of the three flavors: original, honeysuckle, and pecan!


(Blackberry Patch Strawberry Syrup *Available at Publix! + Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka + Chocolate Espresso Cookies from Grey Ghost Bakery) // Custom monogram martini glasses available in shoppe and here online // Monogram napkins click here!

kelliboydphotography0019 kelliboydphotography0022

(Blackberry Patch Peach syrup *Available at Publix!  + Cathead Pecan Vodka + Cinnamon Pecan Cookies from Grey Ghost Bakery) // Place cards available in shoppe // Calligraphy by Ashley Curry



(Blackberry Patch Blueberry syrup *Available at Publix! + Cathead original vodka + Lemon Sugar cookies from Grey Ghost Bakery)

As usual, it’s all in the flare you add to it. The truth is, cookies and ice cream will taste great no matter what you add to them – but the styling is what will take this ice cream social to the next level.


Part of that very flare would be the sprinkles. Who knew adults could have so much fun with colored sugar? These were visually pleasing and really added to the colorful look overall!


(Large multicolor confetti available in shoppe // Sprinkles by Ceremony & Fuss)

kelliboydphotography0139 kelliboydphotography0136

(Wardrobe c/o Kate Spade)

kelliboydphotography0150 kelliboydphotography0144 kelliboydphotography0142(Popsicle coin purse c/o Kate Spade)

Monogrammed Martini GlassesAt the end of every day, having fun is the most important aspect of any special event. Emily added a little extra fun by utilizing her favorite drink of all – prosecco! Adding the Blackberry Patch syrup took it up a notch, and putting in a dollop of Halo Ice Cream was the true finishing touch!


(Monogram ice bucket available in shoppe and online here)


(Spot Cheetah swizzle stick click here // Lipstick champagne glasses in shoppe!)

kelliboydphotography0051 kelliboydphotography0056

Have you ever thrown your own adult ice cream social? Which flavors did you mix? We’d love to know so we can try them out!

Cookies: Grey Ghost Bakery // @greyghostbakery
Syrups: Blackberry Patch // @blackberry_patch *Available at Publix
Sprinkles: Ceremony & Fuss // @ceremonyandfuss
Glassware, napkins, styling, etc: Emily McCarthy Shoppe @emilymccarthyshoppe
Photography: Kelli Boyd // @kelliboydphotography

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  1. Hello, 2017. | Emily McCarthy
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The spirit of 1776 has filled the air! That’s right, Independence Day is almost here. This weekend will be filled with red, white, and oooooh (la la). All of the items you see here are grab-and-go… meaning you don’t need to stress out about the details this time. We’ve got the special touches covered so that you can perfect your menu and your signature cocktail (prosecco, anyone?).

2016_40 2016_39

2016_53 2016_69

Click here for 4th of July frosted cups // Here for 4th of July Cheers! napkins. 


Pop the bubbly to pour into these gold starburst wine glasses! A set retails at $30. Click here to purchase online! // Blue tassel earrings available in shoppe only.2016_75

Everything pictured here available in shoppe now. Make sure you ask about how to customize a Capri Tile item for your own home!


(Emily’s Tassel Earrings, Click Here!)

We’re excited to see how you make this holiday sparkle!

Emily McCarthy


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