What is a brand stylist you ask?
A brand stylist is exactly the type of exclusive service I offer with EMMA J DESIGN
It all begins with a vision.
YOUR vision.
Where do you see your business or brand in 5 years? 10 years?
It is important to invest the time and effort from the ground up. Some of the strongest brands in the industry have stood the test of time and lasted through trends in the industry, changes in economic status and business success.
Rather than starting small, why not start big?
The first time you hand out your business card is just as important as the hundredth. First impressions are everything, especially in this industry. You obviously want your first impression to be fabulous so start now. Start with your vision and let us help you carry it through your business every step of the way. From choosing your final color swatch, selecting the type of paper for your business cards or how you should execute your new look in your office or studio, we help you style the entire brand all the way through.
Every detail will help bring your new brand to life.
Drop me a note if you’re interested in getting started.