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Citrus Countdown Cocktail by Emily McCarthy

What more do you need on New Year’s Eve than a bit of bubbly?

Branch outside of the normal bubbles and add in a few of my favorite ingredients!

What you’ll need:

Prosecco (Italy’s version of Champagne)

Limoncello (Store bought or homemade!)

Fresh Basil Leaves

Sugar for rimming the glass (optional)

Optional Sugar Rim:

Dip the edge of your glass in lemon juice and coat with sugar.


Citrus Countdown Cocktail by Emily McCarthy

Start by adding 1 ounce (small end of a jigger) of Limoncello to your champagne glass. This can be a loose measurement – you’re welcome to add more or not as much depending on your love for lemons.

Fill the remainder of the glass with Prosecco.

Citrus Countdown Cocktail by Emily McCarthy

Drop a fresh basil leave into the cocktail – I love how the bubbles latch onto it!

Citrus Countdown Cocktail by Emily McCarthy Citrus Countdown Cocktail by Emily McCarthy Citrus Countdown Cocktail by Emily McCarthy Citrus Countdown Cocktail by Emily McCarthy Citrus Countdown Cocktail by Emily McCarthy


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  1. Ashley @ FancyAshley says

    This looks so delicious and super adorable! Love the gold animals on the glass rims! XO, Ashley

    December 27, 2015


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No doubt you’ve been hooked on the pages of Style Me Pretty, so you may have already seen our third holiday table idea. We are taking Christmas and giving it a sun tan straight from Palm Beach! The idea behind the best tables always comes from using what you have and finding a way to repurpose it to make it special.


The first step in any Palm Beach table means a stop to the talented Jennifer Melear of Everbloom, Inc. The palm swags along with the gorgeous green statement spray brighten up the table to set the perfect tone. Next, it was important to find a way to utilize things from the shoppe that would really pop on this coastal table.


Brass pineapple candle holders, available here, gave the table sparkle and shine. Gold flatware and gold chargers from Emily’s personal collection. Gold rope napkin ties from Michael’s. (For more information on the monogrammed plates and signature linen napkins, please inquire within.)


Colorful green spheres were a find at Hobby Lobby. On the same trip is where the gorgeous pink rhinestone nutcracker was acquired. Location and chairs provided by Cohen’s Retreat. The pale pink tablecloth helps the gold and green really pop! Thanks to Ranco.


Hobby Lobby was a treasure trove, again, for inexpensive ways to elevate our seating with “joy” ornaments!


Stemware available at the shoppe by clicking this link. 


Pineapple place cards are another Emily McCarthy shoppe find! Click here to purchase. 


Overall, the sense of sparkle and refined sense of style at this table shows your guests “No matter the holiday, signature style takes precedence in this home.” What could be better than injecting your personal brand into every holiday?


Saving the best for last – a sneak peek at our newest collaboration with Decorum! It’s been hard to keep it a secret, but this gorgeous serving tray is just one of the many things you’ll see that we’ve worked on with Decorum. Stay tuned for more trays, ice buckets, and other entertaining goodies. (Shoppe stars seen here (click to buy): swizzle sticks, gold striped low-ball glasses, and ice bucket)

As always, from all of us at the studio, we hope your holiday table reflects all the best parts of you. Style is a gift and there is no doubt you’ll wear it well.

Happy Entertaining!

Emily McCarthy

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Prepare to swoon in all the best ways as you meet Alex, aka Teggy French. She channels retro glamour on a level that is almost impossible to achieve. To look at her pictures transports you to a world where style is vibrant and vivacious.


EMc: Why do these photos show your signature style?
TF: These photos show my signature style because they are preppy meets 1960s Palm Beach.  I am all for a classic look, but I try to always incorporate something fun to give the outfit an added twist.

EMc: What aspects really tell us who you are?  
TF: I would say that these photos show my love of fashion, both current and past, and represent that I march to my own drum.  I love to have fun, I’m a little quirky, but I take fashion VERY seriously 🙂



EMc: How do you carry your signature style into all aspects of your life be it home decor, entertaining, or fashion?  
TF: I try to have fun in all aspects of my life. I live in an old farmhouse that was renovated in 2003 so it would be very easy to conform to the style of the home, but that just wouldn’t be me.  We moved in two years ago, and slowly but surely I am adding touches of my love of Southern style while still staying true to the original charm of the home.  My office is totally inspired by Palm Beach, and of course that’s my favorite room to spend time in!  When I entertain it is very similar to my fashion sense–I go all out while still maintaining comfort.  If you’re inviting people into your home I believe in making everything perfect, but not to the point where you drive yourself crazy or make people feel they have have walked into stuffy Buffy’s house. In order to achieve this I will throw a dinner party with a theme such as 1960s Palm Beach (surprise, right?!).  It gives people a chance to dress up, and you’re laughing from the moment you walk in the door.  I also think a dinner game with a prize makes for lots of laughs.  For my husband’s birthday we made a quiz based on “The Preppy Handbook” to determine who was the preppiest guest.  It’s all about the twist!


EMc: What is your personal definition of “signature style”?  
TF: Preppy with a Twist…shaken, not stirred


EMc: Give us three words to describe you. Why did you choose these three words? 
TF: Life is about evolving, but the words I would choose at this moment in my life would be fun, loyal, and dedicated.  I choose these words because I have a strong belief that life is too short to not have a good time. If you are in my life I will always do my best to give you my all and I am dedicated to whatever I set my mind to…oh, and I try to be fabulous while living out those qualities!


EMc: What are three of your most prized pieces that you think fully represent your signature style? This could be a piece of furniture, jewelry, art, etc. 
TF: The pieces that represent my signature style are my turbans, oversized sunglasses (Teggy French x Victory Optical will be coming out soon!) and the Slim Aarons photograph I have hanging in my office.

EMc: What is your best tip to encourage others to find and develop their own signature style? 
TF: What I have found is that you have trust your own instincts and not care about what others think.  If you feel good then that confidence will shine through.  Do I look a little “different” wearing a turban around New Jersey?  I probably do to a lot of people, but I don’t mind because I am who I am…and that’s the best style you can have!



Now that you’re sufficiently immersed in a major style crush, we invite you to follow along with Alex as she channels her unique style everywhere she goes.

Instagram: @TeggyFrench
Pinterest: Teggy French
Stay stylish,
Emily McCarthy

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The great part about living in The South is that it takes the weather a while to catch on to the changing of the seasons allowing us to soak up extra sun. The bad part is that we are SO ready to pull out the scarves already! Thankfully, the nip in the air has been detected. This year, the Emily McCarthy shoppe made room for some new pieces to be done in our signature pattens.

Choose between silk blend rectangular or square scarves. Any of these options boasts yet another splash of elegance that you can use to dress up (or dress down) any ensemble. Click here to see the selection in the shoppe.





Layer up and be about town. Not only will you be noticed, you’ll be well dressed. Who could beat that combination? Which scarf will you be wearing this season?


Can’t wait to see your favorite!

Emily McCarthy


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Just like prosecco can be jazzed up with a splash of limoncello, classic holiday decor also deserves a delightful twist.  Such was the inspiration behind our latest holiday tablescape idea.


Sarah Buck Photography joined us at Cohen’s Retreat to showcase a truly chic table that mixes patterns to keep you up to date, but rooted in tradition.



New Classic Christmas by Emily McCarthy New Classic Christmas by Emily McCarthy New Classic Christmas by Emily McCarthy New Classic Christmas by Emily McCarthy New Classic Christmas by Emily McCarthyNew Classic Christmas by Emily McCarthy

You know what we always say at the studio? “Have ingenuity.” This is exactly what you can employ to create your own masterpiece. The spot cheetah napkins are in a first place tie along with the monogrammed china for the most eye-catching pieces on the table. (Both items are available upon further inquiry with with shoppe!) As is in our nature to bring a look completely together, you can continue the theme with the Lisi Lerch Tassel Necklace in Gold (seen on Emily). Naturally, Everbloom made a floral arrangement to be marveled at.


The dramatic red tablecloth was furnished from Ranco Tent Rentals and Savannah Special Events, while the tartan overlay was a blanket from Home Goods. The stemware was another lucky purchase at Home Goods. The personalized place markers attached to the stems are from Michael’s. Whereas the gold chargers pictured are from Emily’s personal collection, you can find similar here. Your final stop would be to add your own flair like we did by including these fun “Merry Christmas” ornaments from Hobby Lobby at each place setting. We love to add a little dazzle!


Are you loving The New Classic? Let us know. We love to chat.

Emily McCarthy

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It’s that time where you’ve really got to put your hostess apron on and nail down your details. Each item you’ll see below is something that will add flare to all of your get togethers. The best part? We’ve got these in stock and ready to go! Order today so that you can outfit your entire home in the most festive party necessities around. For quick ordering access, click here to see each of these items (and even more)!


Emily McCarthy

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Were you worried that you missed the customized gift deadline? We were, too. Don’t fret, though, you still have options. Not just any options, two of our best sellers!

Our lucite trays and catch alls (click here) are an easy way to brand the home, and a fabulous gift idea. You simply can’t go wrong with any of these customizable options. These were even featured in Southern Living magazine – how’s that for a one of a kind gift?

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 3.10.45 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 3.11.08 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 3.11.23 PM

The cutting board, sigh. What can we even say? It’s a statement piece that you won’t even want to use! However, when you do decide to use this ornately engraved beauty, it’s made of sealed maple so that you will always have a gorgeous cutting board that shows off your signature style.  Find them by clicking here

Can’t wait to get the rest of your orders just in time for Santa!

Emily McCarthy

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Jewelry designers Emily Reece & Kate Blaire are stylish, chic, and modern. They’ve managed to turn friendship into inspiration, vision, and, from there, a full time business. Their Southern roots shine through every piece of well crafted, unique jewelry that they create. Emily and Kate were another team that we got to work with to create a timeless branding image. It’s a pleasure to be able to share the secrets behind their signature style!


EMc: Why do these photos show your signature style? What aspects really tell us who you are?
RB: Reece Blaire has always tried to embody three qualities: Sass, wit, & sophistication. In both our personal lives and through our jewelry line, we feel that these three qualities best capture what Reece Blaire is all about. Reece Blaire initially started as a lifestyle blog. From the beginning, we felt that it was very important to be real women, so that our viewers and followers could easily relate to us. While we certainly treat ourselves the finer things in life occasionally, we wanted to create a look that was both sophisticated and modern, but also attainable. The key to our brand image is in the styling of our wardrobes and products. In our pictures, we will often aim for an understated outfit, so our jewelry can speak the loudest. There is a certain sophistication to simplicity that we try to achieve with our jewelry designs and our personal wardrobes.

Reece Blaire 12
EMc: How do you carry your signature style into all aspects of your life be it home decor, entertaining, or fashion?

RB: Our style is deeply rooted in our Southern culture. From our etiquette books and monogrammed hand towels to our soft costal hues in our jewelry, there will always be a dab of the South in all aspects of our lives. Growing up in the South has greatly impacted both of our personal tastes. In our home décor, entertaining, and fashion, our ultimate goal is to achieve a perfect mix between a timeless style with a modern edge. To achieve this modern timelessness, we like to mix the old and the new. For example, in home décor, we will upholster a vintage armchair in a modern fabric or use our grandmother’s china with a stylish table setting. Entertaining is one of our favorite places to mix the old with the new, after all, there is nothing like Southern hospitality. We always make sure to pay great detail to our invitations. An invitation is the first impression of an event, so this is the best place to set the tone.
Our jewelry line goes hand in hand with our signature fashion. We often get our inspiration from classic jewelry. Every Southern lady has a pair of pearls. Reece Blaire puts a modern twist on the traditional freshwater pearl earring by creating an freeform shape in a bezel setting. We’ve also drawn inspiration from pieces like a vintage Chanel brooch, and adapted some gorgeous statement earrings from a classic design.

EMc: What is your personal definition of “signature style”?
RB: Signature style is expressing who you are without having to speak, be it through your wardrobe, your etiquette, or your personality.

Reece Blaire 2

EMc: Give us three words to describe you. Why did you choose these three words?
RB: This question is so fitting, as we have used a little tag line since the start of our business. The three words that best describe us are, sass, wit, and sophistication. We feel that every woman should have a balance of these three qualities.

Sass is crucial for every woman to have. We’ve learned through experience that it is important to not be a pushover, to also maintain poise while standing your ground. A little tamed sass is always good for your aresenal.

Wit explains itself. One of our most favorite quotes to date is, “Every time you are able to find humor in a difficult situation, you win.” Being able to laugh through a hard time is the key to keeping your sanity. We believe that wittiness is one of the most beautiful things a woman can wear.

Sophistication. Above all else, we strive to be sophisticated women. Undoubtedly, we both have our moments where our inner demons make a guest appearance, but you will never regret to maintain class and poise in a difficult situation.


EMc: What are three of your most prized pieces that you think fully represent your signature style? This could be a piece of furniture, jewelry, art, etc.


1. One of our most prized pieces is our Tinsley earring. The Tinsley earring was one of our first creations for our Reece Blaire Collection. We made it specifically for a dear friend’s bridal party, and it has ended up being a favorite piece, season after season. Having a meaningful piece be such a large part of our jewelry repertoire makes it a continued prized piece.

2. The Birkin bangle is another. It is simply stated but can be worn with one of our bolder pieces, and a true every day bangle.

3. Last, the Penelope. Every Southern girl loves a pearl. This is our take on a modern pearl. It’s a statement ring in a bezel setting that can be worn throughout every season – with your LBD to a summer wedding, or with a cozy sweater in the fall. This ring definitely stands out!

EMc: What is your best tip to encourage others to find and develop their own signature style?
RB: We have two tips for helping others find their own style. 1) Keep it simple, but significant. Your style is about letting things other than your voice to speak for you. When it comes to entertaining, let your manners and etiquette define your style. With clothing, don’t over do it. If you are going to have a bold dress or a bold piece of clothing, keep your accessories to a minimum. In contrast, if you have a simple outfit, let your accessories do the talking for your head to toe look. 2) Carry your style with confidence. No matter what fashion choice you make or what fabrics adorn your home, be confident in your delivery. Once you find this confidence, your style will become consistent throughout all aspects of your life.


Keep a your baubles stacked by following along on their social media pipeline.

Instagram: @ReeceBlaire —

Facebook: Reece Blaire —

Twitter: @ReeceandBlaire –

Pinterest: Reece Blaire –


Emily McCarthy

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Another Christmas season is upon us, and that’s enough reason to celebrate! Among all the holly reds and mistletoe greens, how will your tablescape make its own impression? We’ve decided to think outside the box(wood!) this year by putting it right on top of the table. Take a look at the new classes – a Citrus Boxwood Christmas table that will be a departure from the ordinary, just like you.


Colorful details create the light feel and clean lines any modern hostess is striving for. Topiaries, Boxwood, and wreaths created custom by Everbloom. Green china is a vintage family heirloom while green glasses were purchased from Home Goods and orange chargers were a steal from Hobby Lobby. Table cloth from Ranco Tent Rentals and Savannah Special Events sets the whole scene. Proof that a delicate mix of old and new, no matter the price point, will set you apart.


Re-invent your Holiday Table with Emily McCarthy IMG_1021 Re-invent your Holiday Table with Emily McCarthy Re-invent your Holiday Table with Emily McCarthy Re-invent your Holiday Table with Emily McCarthy Re-invent your Holiday Table with Emily McCarthy Re-invent your Holiday Table with Emily McCarthy IMG_1055

Shoppe MVPs, the signature monogrammed linen napkins are featured on this one-of-a-kind table. Another shoppe favorite seen in this post , as modeled by Emily, is our Palm Beach Tassel Necklace.
IMG_1057 IMG_1078

Unique place cards were created by hand painting names on plain wine glasses. Minimal cost with great impact is key for entertaining multiples! Everything was photographed on location at Cohen’s Retreat by Sarah Buck Photography.

Will you opt for this modern, off-the-beaten-path look this holiday season? Do tell!

Emily McCarthy

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