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Life has been good. GREAT actually. My cup is so full of love for my family, growth in my business and support of my friends.
If you try finding me between Fridays and Mondays, you’ll have to wait until Tuesday! During the summer, I’ve been dedicating my life to what is most important to me….my family. In order to be best at what I do, my life has to be balanced and in order. It’s the only way I can think clearly, be creative and produce the best end results for my clients. Today was hectic but in the end, this little moment right here just settled all the dust and cleared my head. I’m grateful for this tiny little person that smiles and melts the world away. We are busy getting the online shoppe ready for our big launch – and YES, I promise it’s coming very soon! We have some amazing custom monogrammed products that will knock your socks off and be so unique that you cannot find them anywhere else. Stay tuned…the clock is ticking and we are almost there!

Emily McCarthy

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  1. Rita says

    Emily! What an inspiring post! It’s so true that balance is absolutely necessary for us to be our best! It was SO great to meet you at statacad and thank you so much for sharing your expertise! Cheers to you fabulous lady!

    August 28, 2013
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Joy is the grace we say to God..

A little inspiration for the week! After a whirlwind fun-filled weekend of family and friends, I’m so grateful for every single one of them. We are so blessed to live in a country where we can celebrate the life we have and I thank God for that. Feeling thankful for fresh air, sunshine, ocean breezes, sandy toes and lots of smiles.



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Kindness is always Fashionable -

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