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Whew! After a week of being home from NYC, I’m finally catching up around the studio to update everyone! What a fun trip it was! Whitney English Kolb and myself took the city by storm…setting up a tradeshow booth for Stationery Academy alumns, enjoying italian dinners and macaroons…all while soaking up the energy of the big city. We were ecstatic to welcome all of the talented ladies from Stationery Academy and were thrilled to help them set up their first debut at the National Stationery Show (Amy with Southern Fried Design Barn, Jennifer with Something Detailed, Julie with Ten Four Paper, Sarah with Lolo Lincoln and Caroline from Caroline Creates.)

Just a few photo snippets from my Instagramclick here to follow!

Saw some old friends from Swoozie’s, spent some time with the fashionable Amber Housley and met some fellow designers!


Met an inspiration, President of kate spade, Deborah Lloyd at their new Madison Avenue Flagship Store. Thank you Natalie Chang and Lifeguard Press for the opportunity to tag along to a private party!



We debuted a new collection for Twist Paper!


Until next year!


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  1. Chrissi Shields says

    I love your fierce colorful wardrobe! ūüôā Living Colorfully and Sparkly! LOVE IT!

    July 16, 2013
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I’m sitting at 30,000 feet up in the air with Starbucks in hand and lots of momentum. I’m headed to New York City for a few days of inspiration, mingling with fellow paper peeps and good conversation. I couldn’t be more excited to meet new people, hang out with old friends and spend endless hours talking about what I love most in my career – paper and branding! I’ve been to the National Stationery Show a few times before, but never on this side of the business. Instead of walking the floors as part of a buying/creative team, I’ll be standing proud next to Twist Paper. Seriously, I am so proud of the brand that it has become and the amount of supporters we have! It’s growing more every day and I cannot wait to see where it goes in the future.


There is just something about New York that you can’t describe. There is an energy…a buzz…a feeling that you get when your’e there. You just have to LIVE it. My favorite thing to do is to just walk the streets. Block to block, walk with the locals, the corporates, the go-getters, the entrepreneurs. I can just feed off of their motivation and drive to make things happen in their live and career. It is a city full of culture, food, colors, and all walks of live – I just adore it. Stay tuned for updates along the way via Instagram. Cannot wait to share my journey over the next few days!



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Twist Paper at NSS

I’m leaving on a jet plane and headed to NEW YORK CITY! Who is excited!? I certainly am – to be surrounded by the most talented designers and paper gurus in the industry will be like music to my soul. I plan on returning with a ton of inspiration and encouragement as we head into a new adventure, the Emily McCarthy Shoppe. I have designed products for years – but for everyone else. From ceramics, entertaining ware, linens, paper, gifts, accessories – I’ve just about covered it all. I’m ready to design for myself and make it available to all of you! Stay tuned for the big announcement and be sure to sign up for email updates. You’ll be the first to know! If you’re attending the National Stationery Show this weekend – please stop by and introduce yourself – I would love to meet you and chat! Twist Paper will be housed in Booth 2630 alongside a ton of talented and inspired women from Stationery Academy. See you there!



  1. oturia says

    Have fun! I went to a conference at the Jacob Javits center once years ago and had such a great time.

    Be sure to try Brazil Brazil on 46th Street while you’re there!

    May 15, 2013
  2. e deklaracje says

    Everyone loves it when folks come together
    and share ideas. Great website, keep it up!

    May 17, 2013
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Healthy Living by Emily McCarthyVEGA Shakes /// PURE BARRE /// LULULEMON  /// ON POINTE NUTRITION /// LOM

Healthy is the new way of our household. Thankfully, we have the amazing resource of my sister-in-law, Colleen, who is a Registered Dietician. She is SO knowledgable about eating right all of the time, not just for a diet. I almost wish diets didn’t exist – they seem so fabricated and trendy, leaving people with a false sense of hope when they revert back to their old ways of life. Why can’t we eat well all of the time? ¬†And by all of the time, I really mean most of the time. Of course, we all deserve the occasional cheeseburger or slice of pizza, but everything is good in moderation, right? My husband has been struggling with stomach problems, headaches, sleep deprivation and low energy for years now. It was progressively getting worse and Colleen was able to convince him to take the ALCAT test – a food sensitivity test. Surprise surprise, he suffers from a severe intolerance of Gluten, Cow’s Milk, Spinach and Sunflower (oil)- just to name a few. These were foods that Patrick consumed daily and they were tearing his body up. Who would have thought Spinach? It is TRULY amazing how this test can find out what your body loves/thrives off of and what it truly hates. It’s not just about eating what we think is healthy, but what works best in our body. My parents have also taken the ALCAT test and found out similar results. Both Patrick and my Dad have lost about 15-20 pounds each, just from removing the food from their diet that was harmful to their body. Amazing, right? Colleen is using a new test now which provides even better results. Tempted to take it myself! Speaking of food, I just discovered LOM – Local Organic Moms in Savannah. I signed up to receive a weekly crate of fresh organically grown produce/herbs from a farm right outside of Savannah. We receive our first delivery today and I’m so excited!

I’m also loving the shake mixes from Vega – they have everything you need from multi-vitamins to probiotics. Super yummy too! I toss this in a shaker and hit the road to run errands with Rhett.

On another front, this momma is trying to get her post-baby body back! I have felt completely head over heels for Pure Barre. We have a studio in Savannah and I would seriously go every single day if I could. This is coming from someone who HATES working out – I have never found anything I truly enjoyed and gave me the results I wanted. I love PB because it’s low impact, but very focused toning techniques. It has done wonders for my body and I have to say that I’m in much better shape than before I had little Rhett. For the first year ever, I’ll be proud to put on my bathing suit this summer! If you have a studio near you, just try it! You might become hooked – which is a GOOD THING!

And what would be healthy living without a wardrobe? You know I love some lululemon – have become a bit addicted I have to admit. Not only are their products great quality, the pants are actually sewn to ‘lift’ your bottom and suck you in! They even act as great ‘running about town’ clothes without feeling like a¬†schlub.

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One of our favorite projects at EMMA J DESIGN has wrapped up and published – we are more than thrilled for the talented Carey Sue Vega to launch her new business called Expeditions in Etiquette. Carey Sue will be hosting etiquette classes for all age groups – making it young and fun! With the marketing help of Whitney English and photography talent of Rachel Singleton, I know Carey Sue will go places with such an amazing concept and branding. We designed the logo, branding style guide, printed accessories and custom website. Visit to find out more!

Expeditions in Etiquette Branding by Emily McCarthyExpeditions in Etiquette Branding by Emily McCarthy

Expeditions in Etiquette Website by Emily McCarthy

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  1. Carey Sue says

    Thank you SO much Emily! I absolutely LOVED working with you. I am so in love with how you made my brand come to life. xoxoxo
    – Carey Sue

    June 4, 2013
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[ credit: Sarah Buck Photography ]

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. We are the busiest we have ever been at EMMA J DESIGN and I am continuing my daily efforts of being a good mom, wife, daughter, designer and friend. Wearing multiple hats every day…all day can take a toll on a person. It’s really hard to be the best at everything so I try to take it day by day and do the best I can THAT day. I am so grateful for the people who help make life happen around me – without them, nothing would be possible. Today, Rhett’s little keeper is here for a day of fun while I get caught up with work. Feeling overwhelmed and sleepy, I’m in the office trying to gather up enough energy to get my creative juices flowing. Maybe I just need to just get all of this out, then I’ll be fresh faced and ready for the day. Working from home with a toddler can be quite challenging. I’m so happy that Rhett is here at home with me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I get to be both business owner and mommy all at the same time. Most days, I’m lucky to get about 4 hours of solid work time squeezed in. Considering we have about 30 branding clients and 15 weddings, you can understand the pressure of the daily to-do list. I’m going to keep riding this train as long as it keeps going though – I just LOVE my work and I love my clients. I know it’s possible to do both and I’m determined to make it work. Sometimes I wish I could make a day stand still. Please don’t let this day move any faster, I still want to take Rhett to the park, make a home cooked meal and finish 4 designs today.¬†Well folks, it just doesn’t happen that way. Priorities come into play and in the end, Rhett and my husband are the priority. I have to always remember that the world isn’t going to end if a proof isn’t sent that day. They will be just as excited to receive it tomorrow. That’s just the way it is. There are many companies out there offering the services that I do, but I feel strongly that I offer something truly unique. Something that only I can offer them. I’m a huge believer in God-given talents and I’m certain this is what I was supposed to do with my life. But, I will always wish for time to stand still and the ability to just stop and breath. Take it all in…you will never regret doing so.



  1. Mary Beth says

    Love it! I believe that you should use the gifts God blessed you with, and not let them go to waste. God blessed you a wonderful gift of creativity and an amazing personality to match. You help make the world a little prettier everyday.

    May 6, 2013
  2. Hadley Binion says

    Wow. I can totally relate. I’m a designer and business owner and mommy to a 16 month old…and oh, the multiple hats we wear! ūüôā You’re right, at the end of the day, they are what matter. Great to hear this coming from you too. You are truly an inspiration!

    May 15, 2013
  3. emadmin says

    Hadley – you are so sweet! It’s always great to relate to others in the same situation. We are so blessed to be at home with our little ones!

    May 15, 2013
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We were thrilled to hear from Kelly over at Pure Sugar Studios – she wanted a fresh new branding design for her photography business. Kelly is fashion forward, high-energy, sparkly and colorful and wanted a look that matched her personality. Take a look at the final results – we love how it turned out! Contact [email protected]¬†if you would like a new look to your business! Details on¬†EMMA J DESIGN

PureSugarBrandPure Sugar Studios Branding by EMMA J DESIGN

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Let me introduce you to the brand new Kristen Nicole Photography! Kristen is an uber talented photographer in the Toledo, Ohio area and we were thrilled to hear from her at EMMA J DESIGN. Kristen sent me a few inspirational images and color palettes – I used these to create a cohesive brand that will take her business to the next level. Her branding is truly unique to her personality and style. Best of luck Kristen with your new branding design!

Kristen Nicole Photography branding by EMMA J DESIGN

Kristen Nicole Branding Design by EMMA J DESIGN

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  1. Hadley Binion says

    I LOOOVE this!!!

    May 15, 2013
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